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We want to thank our customers for their support and words of encouragement! Below is written feedback from some of you...

"Hi there! I just received my glasses. That was so fast! They are PERFECT and GORGEOUS! You guys really are the best. Thank you so much!
Matt (Poway, CA) 

"Simply the best. Attentive, patient, not to mention (they) carry the best 
frames [I own 15 :) ] Every visit to Allyn Scura pop-ups are the highlight of my day."
Lisa (Berkeley, CA)

"Hello there, I bought a pair of your "Legend" frames a month or so ago, and I wanted to let you know how happy I am with my decision. These frames are beyond outstanding and your service was top notch and much appreciated. Thanks again, and keep up the good work."
Colin (Maine, NY)

"I'm the redhead that bought frames for my boyfriend at the show yesterday -- the pain in the butt that asked you to send photos to him. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that they fit him perfectly and he loves them! We seriously have been looking for almost six months for the perfect frames. You're the best - thank you!"
Judy (Los Angeles, CA)

"I received the frames and clip-ons today, and they're great!  I appreciate...always...your personal and great service!  And, of course, your frames! Thanks again!"
Jeff (San Rafael, CA)

"I knew Fellini very well while living in Rome. There's no doubt he would get a kick out of these superb frames! Thank you."
Sage (Los Angeles, CA)

"Thank you for your professionalism in handling my purchase. Everything thus far is working very smoothly and I appreciate all the detail you have taken in making sure that what I ordered is correct for me."
Bruce (Los Angeles, CA)

"I received my pair of glasses today!!!!!! Thank you soooo much! I'm so happy... Soon I want to buy another pair of them... You were so kind for me! Thank you for all! Kisses,"
Maria (Pontevedra, Spain)

"I received my Legend frames. They look great! My wife loves them. She says I look like Johnny Depp. I don't know about that, but I think my love life is going to improve!!... Thanks for the great service. You guys run a first-rate company."
Craig (Los Angeles, CA)

"I just wanted to say thanks so much for the great transaction! I got my glasses in one day! Seriously overnight :) I absolutely love them and they fit like a dream! Great job and I will be back for more!!!!!"
Christie (Simi Valley, CA)

"You shipped me two pairs of frames yesterday, and I just wanted to tell you that I’m really happy with both of them. My optician said they’d be able to put the lenses I need in them. They’re perfect -- they’re asthetically pleasing, they’re in perfect condition, and thank you so much!"
Karen (Bay Head, NJ)

"I bought my frames from you back in May of '05 and am still amazed at how much I love them. I am stopped at least 3 times a day by folks on the street, asking me where I got such amazing frames, and I am always happy to point them your way... In fact, just last week, I had a waitress at a local restaurant I'd never visited before refuse to let me leave the diner before I wrote down the name of your website and when I told her how nice you all had been she told me she was already sold."
Renae (Port Orchard, WA)

"Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I got my glasses the other day and I LOVE them. Your company is awesome."
Cassandra (Port Jefferson Station, NY)

"Item received now. Very nice frame. Thank you!!"
Katsuki (Japan)

"I received my glasses today. Very, very happy with them! Thank you so much!!!!"
Zoe (Hereford, England)

"Oh, guess what! Jim's glasses were delivered and HE LOVES THEM! He couldn't be happier."
Denise (Santa Clara, CA)

"I'm sorry it has taken me so long to write this, but I have to let you know how much I adore my new glasses!!!!! I have received more love for these frames than any other accessory in the history of time! I will forever be a customer of yours. If you come across any cool frames on the larger side please keep me in mind (the mod 60's diamond shape of these lenses look awesome w/my large cranium :)! Thanks again."
Anne (Denver, CO)

"The frames are great! Exactly what I have been looking for for years. I got them filled at LensCrafters without any problems. Thanks."
Mike (Mashpee, MA)

"Greetings from the frozen north. I just received my retro Parker frames - they are the DOPE!"
Tony (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

"I'm writing to confirm receipt of my sunglasses yesterday. They are fabulous! As good a match as I could have hoped for. Thanks so much for your great service! I will happily recommend you/your site to everyone I know. A delighted customer,"
Erica (Oakland, CA)

"Hi! I received m TS Eliots today, they're great. How long do you think it will be before the Legend is in? Thank you again for your great service and product."
Jenna (Weston, Ontario, Canada)

"Just wanted to let you know I received my glasses a few days ago. They are very comfortable and balanced...no problems. I love them! I also really appreciate your excellent customer service. Thanks again.
Christine (Santa Rosa, CA)

"The frames are a hit. I'll be a loyal customer from this point forward."
Waraire (Los Angeles, CA)

"Received the specs today, and I am absolutely delighted with them. Thanks for calling me 'Sir' by the way. These specs sure make me feel special -- will need to improve my Michael Caine impressions though. Will be back soon for another pair in tortoise."
Andrew (Trefriw, United Kingdom)

"[The frames] arrived today! More beautiful than I could ever have imagined! Magnifique! I swooned! Thank you for including the little original paper envelope with the swank Imperial (of Miami) logo. And your tres elegant little eyeglass case! I will be ordering another pair in the near-future as a back-up pair. Thanks a bunch for having such rare treasures!!! The name of Allyn Scura will be on the tip of my tongue when asked wherefrom my fabulous frames came!"
Craig (Olean, NY)

"I ordered the Legend frames by phone and received them a couple of days ago. Like a lot of people, I deal with a lot of companies to buy stuff. When I opened the package, it was clear that you take pride in your work, from the packaging of the frames with the subtly stylish case supplied with them to the craftwomanship applied to these renewed classic horn rims. I'll take them to my local optician to get the Varilux Physio with Crizal Alize lenses installed, a fitting lense package for this quality frame. As your state's Governor made famous in another career: I'll be back!" 
Frank (Starkville, MS)

"Howdy. The Barton frames arrived today, safe and sound. They look absolutely stunning!!!!! A HUGE!!!! Thank you for superb service and with your permission I will put up a link to you at our homepage (www.hellbillyboys.com) as I know there is a big demand for these type of vintage frames in Sweden. Again, thanks."
Inge (Katrineholm, Sweden)

"I received a pair of glasses that I ordered today and I am thrilled. I just wanted to take the time and write and say that I am really thoroughly pleased. I have been looking for glasses like this for quite some time, and finally found you online. I recieved the glasses in an incredibly timely manner, they fit perfectly on the first try, and they look AWESOME! I am so excited, I'll be wearing a grin on my face everytime I wear them. So thanks for the glasses, and the grin. I'll be sure to order more from you in the future, and to refer everyone I know to you. These glasses are for my personal use, but as an actor, I am always looking for great character glasses, you'll be my first stop. Thanks so much again, keep up the good work!"
Clint, a very pleased customer! (Fairfax, VA)

"Just wanted to let (you) know that I received my eyeglass frames this morning -- what service! Already gave your info to the staff members at the place that has my lenses made. They went crazy over my frames. When you get a chance, if you'd like to mail some more of your business cards my way I'll be glad to carry them on me. People will ask! Thanks again for your help over the phone and quick delivery."
Kiel (New Orleans, LA)

"You are a GENIUS. I'm absolutely thrilled with my new black glasses. You've done such an awesome job with them. I'm wearing them right now!"
Tricia (San Francisco, CA)


"Shades are f**king killer... that is all."
Dack (Edina, MN)


"Just wanted to let you know that I received the frames you sent me. They are stunning. You guys are a great find. Thanks again."
Scott (Spencer, IN)

"Just got my glasses Saturday, and they are great! Thank you so much for your prompt and excellent service! I love both pairs, and the new frames for my old glasses are much better. Keep up the superb work!"
Laurie (Waimanalo, HI)

"Thank you SO MUCH for the extra effort you took to help me find my glasses. I really appreciated your help today. You totally rock! Thanks again."
Tonya (Raleigh, NC)

"The glasses are awesome! Thanks for the great glasses and great service!"
Naomi (Indianapolis, IN)

"I received the new frames in the mail last week and they look AMAZING! I just wanted to thank you so much for replacing my broken frames and hooking me up with a different pair that fit my lenses. You have been so helpful to me. You guys are awesome! I will absolutely be buying more frames from you in the near future (sunglasses!), as will my husband, and I am spreading the word about what a great company you guys are. Thanks again so much!!!
Jenny (Coto de Caza, CA)

"I picked up my new frames today, and they are ADORABLE. I like them even better in person. I took them to Lenscrafters to have lenses put in, no problem. Can't wait to start wearing them!"
Cora (Hardwick, MA)

"Hello. I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely LOVE my frames. It took three tries, but I finally bought a pair that I love. Thank you!"
Margaret (Charlottesville, VA)

"Just wanted to say hello and tell you how much Diane and I are enjoying our glasses, Thanks again for everything!"
Bernie (Las Vegas, NV)

"Oh my gosh! The glasses are fabulous! I love them. They seem just perfect, but I will test them out in the daylight tomorrow. Thanks so very much. I just can't wait to get some more!"
Betsy (Pacific Palisades, CA)


"We were admiring a guy's glasses at the grocery. We asked where he got them, and he said, 'a company that started with AL-something, based in LA.' We're so happy we've found you."
Suzanne (Mercer Island, WA)

"Just dropping you a line to let you know that my new marvelous smoke retro frames (a la Michael Caine) are getting rave reviews right and left. The place that did my prescription was an interesting experience -- all of the women who worked there came over and ogled over me, and they sell a completely different product (contemporary). Of course, it lifted my spirits. Thanks for picking them out for me."
Bill (Santa Barbara, CA)


"Thank you for all of your assistance today. Believe me, I will be the mouthpiece of your greatness for those who don't already know. Thanks, again for your superior customer service and product knowledge. It was a pleasure doing business with you."
Greta (Oakland, CA)

"I can't tell you how happy and thrilled I was to receive the "Legend" frames you sent me two weeks ago. They are a fantastic shade of tortoise, great hinges, etc. I take them off all the time to admire them. I plan to buy more frames from you off your website very soon."
Sam (Chicago, IL)


"Thanks for the frames and most of all your help. I love them. You guys ROCK!"
Geoffrey (Monroeville, PA)

"Just wanted to say thanks for all your help in purchasing new frames. I just got them back from my optometrist and couldn't be happier! You were of great assistance in picking out the right size for my face (not to mention my Charlie Brown-like head) and I know that I and all the friends I can tell will be coming to you first with any future eyewear needs. Keep up the good work!"
Chris (Cleveland, OH)

"Thanks so much for the unbelievably quick repair and return of my new frames. I've never seen such quality and craftsmanship in a frame as your company's. Thanks again for everything!"
Marc (Running Springs, CA)

"Hi, I want to make an order from Germany. I made an order two years ago, and am always happy with the frames -- so I'm doing it again!"
Michael (Bavaria, Germany)

"Thank you, the glasses arrived before they were due, and they fit perfectly! I've given some ladies in my class your site info, and I'm sure you'll get orders from them also. Thank you! Please keep my measurements on file, because I will be ordering more!"
Quinsetta (Panama City, FL)

"I received the frames and could just say, they are great. I'm happy and thanks for all your help to get me these frames."
Patrik, happy customer (Sommen, Sweden)

"My glasses came the next day--all in good shape and looking great. Many people noticed the pair I wore the next day. How could they not? Thanks!"
Andrea (Rialto, CA)

"I love my glasses!!!!! Thanks so much! They are simply fabulous!"
Juliet (Riverside, CA)

"I want to thank you for your help. You guys are awesome. It's so hard to find glasses that I think are cool."
Eric (Brooklyn, NY)

"Ordered some smoke gray frames a few months back and all I can say is that I love them. They have become such a part of me that it's weird when I take them off. Even my girlfriend says, "Oh yeah, I forgot you didn't always wear those." Again, thanks. I still wear the sunglasses I got from you a few years back, too. You are a godsend for anyone with a sense of style."
Mike (Campbell, CA)

"Thanks! I'm very happy with my already received frames. They all look great, are in good condition and it was never a problem to put optical glasses in it."
Barbara (Podersdorf, Austria)

"As usual, you were a gem to deal with. And I am very excited about my new sunglasses! Thanks again for your kick ass frames and service."
Mark (Brisbane, CA)

"Okay, my frames are the hit of the dental school. Everyone keeps asking me where they came from and I just keep giving out your address. As they say in Oakland, they are off the 'shizzle!' I have them on right now and I feel like Marilyn Monroe. Thank you so much (hugs and kisses)."
Jerilyn (San Francisco, CA)

"Received my glasses a couple of days ago and I'm delighted! Many thanks again for all your trouble and help."
Neil (Banchory, Kincardineshire, Scotland)

"Please pass my thanks to everyone at Allyn Scura for the prompt and excellent service. No sooner had I placed my order and my new frames had arrived (In the UK as well). I will recommend your service and will most definitely be using you again."
Dave (Darlington, Durham, UK)

"I received my glasses today and I absolutely love them, the picture did them no justice!! Thank you again for all for your help!! From a loyal customer,"
Stacey (Las Vegas, NV)

"Love the James Dean frames -- I've been looking for over twenty years!"
Rick (Austin, TX)

"I just wanted to say thanks again for helping me with the frames -- they are great. Finally got them filled this weekend as sunglasses and they look really great. Your eye for frames is unmatched!"
Amy (Laurel, MD)

"Many thanks. I certainly am very impressed with the fine collection of vintage frames you carry and your excellent service. I actually collect vintage frames and had interesting good fortune of recently marrying a woman who loves vintage frames and looks absolutely great in them. I'm sure I'll be sending you another order in the foreseeable future. Thanks again for your help."
Michael (Durham, NC)

"I just received my new frames and they are awesome. They're exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much for your help in choosing them. It's pretty hard to do with just photos over the internet, but your guidance was invaluable. I am quite a satisfied customer and have already forwarded your website to several nearsighted friends."
Joe (San Antonio, TX)

"The glasses arrived on Friday and they are fantastic! Thanks so much for being so accomodating and doing such a great job. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends!"
Denise (San Francisco, CA)

"You're awesome! This is my 3rd pair of frames I've ordered from y'all and you rock!"
Ashley (Portland, OR)

"I got my glasses today. Thank you guys so much. They are great. Thanks for all you help. You will definitely see me again and I will refer all my friends. Thanks again."
James (Santa Clarita, CA)

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my glasses -- I love them, I love them, I love them! They are conversation starters whereever I go... major attention-getters! I think I need the brown ones now. Thank you again."
Petrice (Ft. Worth, TX)

"Got my glasses last night. Nice work, you guys. They are awesome, exactly what I was looking for!"
Brian (Plymouth, MI)

"The Legend frames were exactly as I expected and I'm very pleased to be ordering this second pair. Thanks again."
Jim (Princeton, NJ)

"You guys are the best, and I have and will continue to let everyone I know who appreciates vintage frames so. Thanks again for the great service and cool frames!"
William (San Francisco, CA)

"I received the frames today and I am very pleased with them. Thank you... I'll be in touch again soon!"
Jo (Castlemaine, Australia)

"Got the sun glasses yesterday - They are perfect, couldn't be better. They are even cooler in person. They are definitely a good size for my face and you nailed the tint on the glass. Thanks again."
Patti (Lincoln, NE)

"Wow!! You folks are the best! You have incredible customer service and I appreciate your allowing me to return my frames for an exchange. I have been singing your praises since my first purchase and will continue from here on out. I will keep sending people to your website whenever I have the opportunity. Again, thank you."
Phil (Detroit, MI)

"I never thanked you for the order I made from you. I ordered two pairs of glasses. Your assistance over the phone was much more than I could have expected, and both pairs have been perfect (and I'm a little too particular about these things). Thank you so much for your services. I've never written a thank you note to an online "store" in my life, so something must be different here."
Robyn (Spokane, WA)

"Finding your web site was like finding Eldorado, or something. I could hardly believe my own eyes! I have been looking for vintage glasses for a long time, not able to find anything I could use. Thank you!"
Hanne (Oslo, Norway)

"I received the vintage frames on Monday and couldn't be more pleased! They are truly in beautiful, NOS condition and of very high quality. I absolutely love them, so much so that I would like to purchase one more pair."
Tommie (Atlanta, GA)

"I just wanted to let you know that I was at a tennis tournament the other day, and a woman came up to me and said, 'I've been admiring your eyeglasses through my binoculars from cross court. Where did you get them!' I didn't want to tell her, but I did."
Trish (Winston-Salem, NC)

"I wore my glasses last night and got a million compliments ;) Wow - what a great find :) Thanks! :)"
Avis (West Hollywood, CA)

"I got the frames today, and they fit like a glove. So I just wanted to thank you for making me the guy with the coolest glasses in town. The next time I get some money, I will order some of your sunglasses also."
Ronny (Kristiansand, Norway)

"Perfect, Perfect, Perfect! I love 'em... Thank you for all your help with timely shipments. I will tell my friends."
Lynda (Felton, CA)

"I received the frames today -- they are perfect! They're a great color as you said and fit very well. I'm running around the house in them bumping into things because there aren't any lenses yet. Thanks so much for working with me and also for the fantastic suggestion!"
Marina (Kirkland, WA)

"I've received the glasses and they vastly outweigh my expectations! They are stunning and fulfill my every wish. I'll be highly recommending your work where ever I can, so many thanks for the opportunity to have the fantastic glasses."
Hayden (Brighton, Australia)

"I just got my frames back from the optometrist and they are SMASHING!!! I have been transformed from a geek into a BABE MAGNET- Oh Behave!"
John (Wilmington, NC)

"Wow, am I impressed. The new temples are beautiful, and best of all a perfect fit. I really appreciate how you solved my problem, and thank you for going to such lengths (no pun intended!)"
Chris (Madison, WI)

"Thanks! I got both frames. They are great, I got them both fitted with lenses, one for sunglasses. Thanks so much for your help."
Pierre (Grevenmacher, Luxembourg)

"I'll definitely be buying my next pair of frames from you guys, and recommend you to friends all the time."
Sara (Philadelphia, PA)

"Thank you so much for your exceptional service and patience while we were selecting glasses from your impressive selection. We'll be sure to spread the word about Allyn Scura Eyewear. Much thanks."
Kate (San Diego, CA)

"I absolutely adore the frames. Doing business with you has been an extremely pleasurable experience. I will be recommending you to anyone and everyone. And you have a customer for life in me."
Shandy (Brooklyn, NY)

"WOWO! These are the perfect fit! Thanks so much for your help. You guys are great and I will tell everybody I know. I will remember you as I make extra cash. I would like to buy 3 or 4 more pair just like 'em so I can go to my death in old age wearing the only glasses that I have found that are both a good fit and cool! Thanks again, you will be hearing from me soon!"
Tim (San Diego, CA)

"Superb frames, best prices, great staff, sublime service, the best!"
Ross (Queensland, Australia)

"I got a pair of your glasses, Director -- I love them! And so does everybody else. I've been telling people about you since then. Thanks."
Mark (Greenville, NY)

"Fantastic service, by the way -- hard to find."
Selim (Frankfurt, Germany)

"You guys have the best customer service on the net that is possible."
Scott (Sheridan, WY)

"OH!!!! the Harold Lloyd's are faboo!!! Thank you so much, your glasses are a treasure."
Elizabeth (Newport Beach, CA)

"I just wanted to write you to say thank you for my brown classic fade glasses -- they are perfect. I also wanted to thank you for the web site links -- I am going to Vegas! Here's to vintage eyewear!!!"
Tia (Salt Lake City, UT)

"You all impress the hell out of me... I've had compliments on my frames (and I let them all know where I got them)... I've had nothing but pleasant experiences dealing with you."
Danny (El Paso, TX)

"I'm quite impressed with your customer service -- you have made this a good shopping experience, and I consider myself a professional shopper... very good work. I will definitely buy from you again!"
Rachael (Bay City, MI)

"I recently purchased [an antique frame from you] and got them fitted with my prescription. They're great! They fit better than any pair I've owned."
Doug (Bradenton, FL)

"I love these glasses with all my heart. This is a beautiful site!! WONDERFUL!!!!"
Fannie (Vancouver, BC)

"I just wanted to thank you once again for the frames, and to let you know that I have had my lenses installed. It was good doing business with you, and I appreciate all of your help."
Patrick (Vicksburg, MS)

"I received my glasses last week. Thank you so much for your help. I was very impressed with your company and the service I received, not to mention I love the glasses!"
Alison (Chicago, IL)

"Your company is great. I managed to find a pair of glasses that suited my personality for a decent price. Thanks guys, I'll give you more of my money in the future."
Joshua (Austin, TX)

"Thanks again for all of your help and I LOVE MY NEW GLASSES. I've turned on a bunch of people to your site. It's awesome."
Mandy (Los Angeles, CA)

"Thanks, I got my frames today, and they work perfectly. Don't forget that I will recommend you to all my visually-challenged friends. It's hell getting old!"
Avra (Silver Spring, MD)

"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that I received my order and am very, very pleased with my frames. Ordering from the internet is not always convenient for Canadians, but I found your site to be a very enjoyable shopping experience, with a good selection and very reasonable shipping charges. I would highly recommend your company to friends."
Melissa (Guelph, Ontario)

"Hey, thanks for responding so quickly and with such speed! Once again you guys are amazing me!"
Chris (Riverview, MI)

"Just to let you know that your service and internet site are outstanding. It is pretty rare to find such quality service. Congratulations!"
Bertrand (Nyon, Switerland)

"Many thanks for your incredibly prompt service and for the bonus pair of frames. I sincerely appreciate it. I certainly have been able to add to my collection since I found your on-line site and you still have more eyeglasses I hope to add to my collection in the future. You have a great selection and I realize this is only a small part of what you have. Wish I could visit your store. Maybe someday. Thanks again."
Michael (Durham, NC)

"I want to thank you again for all the effort, and I'll certainly recommend you guys to others. Your patience is greatly appreciated."
John (San Francisco, CA)

"Just wanted to say thanks for all your help -- the glasses are great! Got them filled over the weekend. I am really happy with them. I will definitely have to stop by to check out more frames when I am out in CA this summer!"
Amy (Laurel, MD)

"I am writing to thank you very much for all of the help, patience and time that you devoted to finalizing my order. I want you to know that I am very pleased with your company's products, but I am even more greatly impressed by your handling of my ongoing problem. I am a very happy customer and most appreciative of your help."
Tib (Jacksonville, FL)

"Hi there, I received the glasses today!! They are just great... I love the color and the green lenses are wonderful!! Thanx again!!
Christie (Irvine, CA)


"Thank you so much for helping me to find the perfect frames. I love them!"
Mauricio (New York, NY)


"Thank you for my glasses -- they are just fabulous! They look very nice! I was so excited I couldn't contain myself. Great doing business with you all!"
Enez (Leander, TX)

"Thank you so much! They look wonderful! From now on, if anything happens to my vintage frames or anyone else that I know who has some, I am definitely referring them to you. You did a wonderful, professional job. Thanks a Million!"
Tiffany (Los Angeles, CA)


"I appreciate the professionalism with which the matter has been handled by your company. I love the frames...! Thank you."
JJ (Vancouver, BC)


"I kept forgetting to write, but I received the glasses, and am very delighted with them. I like the original cardboard it came on. I have never seen it before. Thank you very much for your great service."
Francis (Washington, DC)

"I'm wearing the glasses I bought from you right now. Everyday someone asks me where I got them. I took them in last week for adjustment and the lady behind the counter remembered the style from 40 years ago. Couldn't stop talking about them. I keep sending everyone to your website. Thanks again for the glasses!"
Lawrence (Baytown, TX)

"I ordered two pairs for myself -- I just love them and get a lot of nice comments!"
Gary (New Philadelphia, OH)

"LOVE my glasses. You guys are excellent at what you do! Thanks so much from a thrilled customer."
Jennifer. (Los Angeles, CA)

"You have a fantastic selection of frames. It was difficult picking one from so many amazing frames. I've already told many people about your site. Thank you"
Deanna (Beaufort, SC)

"Thank you so much for the fabulous service as ever. You have super cool merchandise. I almost wish I needed glasses more often... almost! Thanks again!"
Rachael (Bay City, MI)

"I would just like to thank you for being so helpful when I bought glasses from you at VLV."
Gene (New York, NY)

"I bought glasses a few months ago, received excellent service and even came away with another pair of glasses. Thank you very much."
Pat (Oklahoma City, OK)

"I love the Legends with clear frames! I'm wearing them now. Thanks!"
Charles (Woodstock, MD)

"I received my new (old) glasses this morning and i¹m delighted. Thank you very much!"
Paul (London, England)

"I love your designs as well as your line of vintage frames. I get lots of compliments and have had many people ask where I got my glasses. As an artist, I like things a little offbeat and it had been difficult for me to find suitable frames until I found you. Thanks for being there and keep up the good work."
Al (Cedar Hill, TX)

"I think my wife really likes the new frames -- she was so excited when she got them, she rushed out to get lenses so she could have them for my birthday party. Thought you might appreciate seeing them in action."
Mike (Ann Arbor, MI)

"The glasses are BEYOND CUTE! I have been disappointed many times ordering vintage glasses sight unseen, BUT NOT THIS TIME. I am only upset because they sat there right in front of my face for two years so to speak and I didn't realize their beauty and perfection, etc. Thank you again."
Clare (Eagle Rock, AK)

"The frames are absolutely perfect!! I was planning to give them to my wife as an Xmas present but then I thought she'd probably like to wear them at Xmas since the red has a holiday look to it. So, I wrapped them up and gave them to her yesterday. She was absolutely delighted. She just loves them and they fit her perfectly... She said she'd just been thinking how she'd like to have some red glasses for the holidays and, presto, there they were."
Michael (Durham, NC)

"I wanted to thank you for my glasses. They look great!!! My friend loved the frames that I got at the last show and bought some really cute white frames. She didn't realize that you can also do the lenses. I mentioned to her that you have really good prices. She wants to have you put the lens in her glasses and will be contacting you."
Gail (San Francisco, CA)

"Thank you. This is my second pair of glasses from you and I have nothing but positive things to say. A wonderful product with exceptional service. A+!"
Chip (Miami, FL)

"Received the frames yesterday - I couldn't be happier!!! They are exactly what I was looking for, at an affordable price, and I can't wait to get my RX in them and wear them. Thanks for the fast shipping - wish I lived close enough to check out your display - I'd have a ball!!! Thanks again."
Kathi (Sioux Falls, SD)

"Thank you for all your help, and the glasses are quite lovely- just as I thought they would be! You guys are great!"
Lauren (San Diego, CA)

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