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Lori “The Dame” Sutherland started vintaging way before vintage became vintage! With her passion, she combined activism and event production when Housing Works Thrift Shops first opened their doors. These successes led to producing top fundraisers at New York City Opera with the fashion elite for several years. Staying vintage strong, Lori teamed up last year with antique & vintage jewelry designer Piper Kupersmith, founder of PipersTalisman, to open a shop at Maplewood Mercantile where she met Emma, founder of Shop the Collector. The two joined forces to co-produce the upcoming Maplewood Vintage Show on Saturday, 11/26. “I love to enlighten people to their own unique beauty. Wearing great vintage is an extremely important, sustainable way to freely self-express identity. I will never tire of sharing this truth!” Frame: Vintage Carrera Photo: Tall Paul Photo Customer since 1988


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