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Love Letter To Our Customers...

Dear Wonderful Customers,

How do you say thank you for a 35-year relationship? It’s not easy to put into words how much I appreciate you allowing us, in our small way, to help you curate the fabulous you. We’ve laughed, shared stories and connected in ways that have made our journey incredibly enriching and enjoyable. Even though we won’t be face-to-face, I'll always appreciate the moments we've had together.

When I first got into the business, I thought, "what a cool product." I quickly realized that what was truly interesting about our business were our quirky customers -- the treasure hunters, the off-the-beaten-path, creative types and those who dare to be different! We love the way you present yourselves, the way you think and are in the world. We feel pretty special when we've heard back from you -- here are a few testimonials that brought smiles to our faces...

"I knew Fellini very well while living in Rome. There's no doubt he would get a kick out of these superb frames! Thank you."
Sage (Los Angeles, CA)

"I just got my frames back from the optometrist and they are SMASHING!!! I have been transformed from a geek into a BABE MAGNET- Oh Behave!"
John (Wilmington, NC)

"I wore my glasses last night and got a million compliments ;) Wow - what a great find :) Thanks!”
Avis (West Hollywood, CA)

"I just wanted to let you know that I was at a tennis tournament the other day, and a woman came up to me and said, 'I've been admiring your eyeglasses through my binoculars from cross court. Where did you get them!' I didn't want to tell her, but I did."
Trish (Winston-Salem, NC)

"Superb frames, best prices, great staff, sublime service, the best!"
Ross (Queensland, Australia)

"I'm wearing the glasses I bought from you right now. Everyday someone asks me where I got them. I took them in last week for adjustment and the lady behind the counter remembered the style from 40 years ago. Couldn't stop talking about them. I keep sending everyone to your website. Thanks again for the glasses!"
Lawrence (Baytown, TX)

You can't imagine how much your feedback has meant to me and the ASE team. We are proud and honored to contribute in our small way to help you present your individualism to the world. You look FABULOUS! Thank you again -- we will do our best to keep you looking KICK-ASS!


Allyn Scura